Our Services

WaytoRetail is the all-in-one solution for manufacturers & buyers that comprehensively covers the marketing and distribution channel for both sides of the food retail supply chain.
From new customer acquisition and product launches to warehouse and logistics handling, we are your competent all-round partner. Our concepts merge seamlessly and are based on over 20 years of experience in the food industry.

Here you will find a detailed overview of our portfolio of services:

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We take on all sales tasks for you as a manufacturer in a market- and customer-oriented approach, from competition and market analysis to the conception of sales strategies in accordance with your goals and ideas to operative sales.
We take over the following steps and processes:

  • Defining sales targets
  • Creating sales strategies
  • Designing sales processes
  • New customer acquisition
  • Establishing contact, scheduling (outbound)
  • Presentation of samples and companie
  • Listing Enforcement
  • Talon rounds
  • Shelf maintenance and shelf life control
  • Complaint processing
  • Returns management
  • Sales reporting and performance monitoring
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We create experiences with your existing and potential customers to inspire them for your company and your products and to sustainably position and establish your brand on the market. As a sales and marketing company, we know the current trends precisely and know how to skilfully stage your product in line with them – not only by analysing the market and target groups, but also being present directly on site.
Of course, we also draw on our network, which has been cultivated over many years and is constantly growing.
And this is how we establish and position you in the market:

  • Direct selling in person
  • E-mail marketing (newsletter service)
  • Sales promotion at the POS
  • Presentation of goods and tastings
  • Merchandising
  • Disposition of stock
  • Participation in in-house shows as well as national and international trade fairs
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We take over the storage and commissioning directly after production until the final delivery to the customer. In this way, we provide cooling and storage capacities and enable a fluent, consumption-based supply to the target customers.
Our service includes the following aspects:

  • Goods receipt
  • Goods storage
  • Deep-freeze storage -23°C
  • Refrigerated storage +4°C
  • Dry storage +18°C
  • Order picking
  • Outwards storage
  • Outgoing goods
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Food logistics

By bundling orders for goods from many different suppliers, we enable manufacturers to have an extensive sales market and buyers to have a variety of assortments to meet their needs. This saves both sides an enormous amount of administrative and operational effort. This results in enormous savings in resources and costs.
In addition, you are also doing something good for our environment – fewer deliveries and transports also means a smaller CO2 footprint for all our delivery partners.
By the way: all our vehicles comply with the latest emission standards and have different temperature zones.
Our logistics services for you at a Glance:

  • Third-party order delivery
  • Last Mile Delivery
  • City Logistics
  • Multi-chamber Sprinter
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