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CHAZZ Real vegetables. Real chips.

CHAZZ chips are baked in small portions, slower and at a lower average temperature of 150 C, so they are crispier and you will find not only potatoes but other vegetables as well that make chips so much more interesting! Meanwhile, ordinary mass potato chips are baked in thousands of kilos per hour at a high temperature of 180-190 ° C, which strongly oxidizes oil, burns carbohydrates, turning it into acrylamides.

No preservatives or flavor enhancers
Choosing spices, we want to be sure that the taste of freshly baked chips will be enhanced by natural spices that do not contain preservatives or artificial flavor enhancers. We add natural spices just as much as necessary, because we want you to feel the natural taste of the potatoes while tasting the chips.

Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly.
You won’t find gluten in CHAZZ chips, and for those who appreciate a vegan diet, we have created a range of chips suitable for them.

CHAZZ – Chips are kettle chips

Alva Oliva

Dank der extremen Hingabe, dem Engagement für ein gut gemachtes Kunstwerk, dank der Zufriedenheit über ein ausgezeichnetes Ergebnis… die Kunst, ein gutes Olivenöl herzustellen.

Wie ein Künstler, der sein Werk sorgfältig vorbereitet, um dem Betrachter Freude und Vergnügen zu bereiten, arbeitet Oleícola Álvarez SL. für seine Kunden. Wir wollen unser Meisterwerk, das Ergebnis gemeinsamer Bemühungen, um die bestmöglichen Ergebnisse zu erzielen, schlicht und einfach genießen… den Geschmack der Olivenbäume, die Pflege der Olivenbäume als das Beste der Leinwände, die Pinselstriche der Olivenbäume mit der Mühe und Zuneigung der größten Künstler, die Olivenbäume, die die natürliche Essenz des Landes erhalten… Natives Olivenöl Extra.

DSC_0466 2
DSC_0466 2

Mondo Pasta

The history of Mondo Pasta has its actual origins in Paternò, a small town near Catania in Sicily. Ignazio Arena’s grandfather supplied the local restaurants with fresh homemade pasta in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. So his father and later his grandson grew up with the best original recipes of Italian pasta cuisine. Even today, all the ingredients for our original recipes come directly from Italian producers. No additives or artificial flavourings are used in the production of pasta and sauces, so the creations develop their flavours in a completely natural way – whether triangoloni with beetroot dough and goat’s cheese-honey filling or a delicious raviolacci variation with raw ham and figs. As a traditional Italian pasta manufacturer, they produce pasta for the gastronomy branch already in the third generation.