Are you a food retailer?

Do you know these problems?

You want to offer your customers an optimally adapted, diversified assortment… But there is simply not enough time to make a selection from the abundance of offers?

From our many years of experience, we know that the day-to-day business of a food retailer can often get very busy – but in today’s
fast-moving market, it is also important to keep up with the changing time and offer diversity in the assortment.

Which one should you choose?

Would you like someone to support you in selecting & procuring the right products?

You would also like to give smaller, regional suppliers a chance, but have difficulties fulfilling the minimum order quantities in purchasing, storage and distribution?

Now imagine that you always had the current, most sought-after range of products from large, but also smaller manufacturers available for your customers – and even had to order your requested quantities from just one supplier!

At this point is where we come into play. We have been specialising in the food trading sector for many years and therefore know exactly what is currently in demand on the market.

The combination of our vast network of food producers & suppliers and constant market, price and trend analysis allows us to make an optimal product selection tailored to your customers.

Wir beraten Sie bei der Auswahl der richtigen Ware und beliefern sie gebündelt. Da wir die Ware von verschiedensten Herstellern beziehen, können Sie ohne große Wagnisse eingehen zu müssen, auch neuen Produkten und Anbietern eine Chance geben.
Somit ergibt sich für Sie eine enorme Aufwands- und Kostenersparnis und Sie können sich voll und ganz auf Ihr Kerngeschäft konzentrieren.


Do you also like to find your WaytoRetail?

We are your "WaytoRetail", your gateway to a seamless sales business. We support you in this concretely:
Your challenges
  • You are overstrained by the permanently growing selection of new manufacturers and products.
  • Increasing delivery costs from several suppliers make it difficult for you to offer a variety of products to your customers.
  • Many orders and ramp contacts waste your time and resources to be able to fully concentrate on your core business.
  • Due to limited storage capacities and the uncertainty whether the goods will also be sold within the shelf life, you cannot satisfy large minimum order quantities..
Our solutions
  • We support you with sound market knowledge & a large network of national and international manufacturers in selecting the right products – perfectly tailored to your customers by market and consume analyses.
  • We bundle your orders so that you save a lot of effort and costs in administrative and logistical processes.
  • We are not bound by the minimum order quantities of the bulk and third-party order suppliers – You order from us exactly what you can also sell.
  • You can always offer your customers an up-to-date, contemporary range and also have the chance to try out smaller manufactures & new products.